Video Messages

As part of this campaign, this page will contain video messages of support for young gay people that it’s OK 2B Gay.  Simply record a video, upload it to Youtube and send us the URL.  We’ll embed it to this page and in the blog.

We’re currently working on a project to get as many Local Decision Makers in Reading to record messages which in turn will form part of a message from Reading to the rest of the UK.  Please contact us for further details.

Reading Mayor – Deborah Edwards

Melissa says it’s OK 2B Gay!

Justin says it’s OK 2B Gay!
John says it’s OK 2B Gay!
Reading Lib Dems says it’s OK 2B Gay!
Sam says it’s OK 2B Bi!
Lorna McArdle – Reading Pride ‘Mum’ and ‘Daughter’ say it’s OK 2B GAY!
Cllr Tim Harris say’s it’s OK 2B GAY!